terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2007


Para quem não sabe o que é um basofe deixo aqui uma explicação da Wikipedia que será deveras a mais bem elaborada e explicita sobre o que é ser um basofe.
Basofe is a word Portuguese wiggers use to designate something or someone that is fashionable (or, like they say, da cena). This wigger is do basofe, a.k.a. fashionable.
Followers of the movement are often associated with crimes like assault and battery. However, since most basofian kids are underage, it is uncommon to see a movement follower in prison. They tend to steal little kids’ mobile phones and pocket money just because it is basofe. Because of their often ridiculous style, they are made fun of by people from outside the movement. These are often referred by basofes as pixotos.
Basofology Basofologia (basofology in English) is the study of the Portuguese basofian urban movement. It gained notority after a thread started by user Aquaticbeing in the Internet forum http://forum.chupa-mos.com where dozens of pictures of teenage whiggers were posted, along with many comments taken out from their photolog and hi5 pages. This science dedicates itself to understanding the ways of the basofe kids, their culture, personality aspects, and so on.
Não teria explicado melhor e pensar que já é neste momento uma ciência.
Em duas palavras "im pressionante".

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